T.V. Tuesday: Rick and Morty

Yesterday, in addition to breaking a news story about ants and the solar eclipse, The Daily Ant was also informed by Thinker Correspondant Jordan MacKenzie that the cartoon sitcom Rick and Morty recently featured a new character, Million Ants. He apparently developed a relationship with another character in the show, Supernova – as the fan wiki explains: “[Million Ants] states that it was [Supernova’s] beliefs and pursuit of justice that taught him to be a man, not just a sentient pile of ants. Supernova stated that he was ‘always the romantic’.” Furthermore, the wiki notes, their exploits “somehow would come to conceive a child, who was half-star and half-ant, however, this child would not live to see birth.”

For a look at Million Ants’ short-lived appearance on the show, check out this video constructed by a fan (NOTE: Adult Content) [Oct 24, 2017 Update: The video has been taken down – oh well!]:

Correspondant MacKenzie correctly observes that “Ah yes that video is really all you need. The rest of the episode is just filler insofar as it isn’t about one million ants.”

Rick and Morty has featured ants before, in the form of Ants in My Eyes Johnson, but we at The Daily Ant are pleased to see this more substantive inclusion of ant material!