The Leftist Podcast Strikes Back: Current Affairs Promotes True Ant Content

[This article has been updated with a response from Lyta Gold.]

Just a few weeks ago, we penned an editorial taking alleged leftists Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi to task for the egregiously anti-ant content on their podcast. Today, we have much more uplifting news to share: A genuine leftist outlet, Current Affairs, hosted a live stream discussion among their editorial and writing staff, and chose to open their chat with an exciting story about ants! Unlike the charlantans Halper and Taibbi, the Current Affairs crew prove their myrmeco-friendly bona fides with an exemplary display of ant empathy.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 8.20.09 AM

The live stream begins mid-conversation, with Lyta Gold telling the tale:

Lyta Gold: “… through, and his little society, anyways, he and his girlfriend got into a fight. Didn’t seem like it was about anything particularly serious. She SMASHED his fire ant colony —“

Oren Nimni: “What? That seems super dangerous…”

LG: “So the ants went into the wall, and just like, through the other apartments in the building. And they, like, sting and it’s extremely painful. And these were his pets, he loved them, he’d taken really good care of them for years, and [inaudible]. And she just got so mad at him she smashed it, and now they’re everywhere and he’s like, ‘I need to break up with her, but it’s quarantine. And the fire ants are everywhere.’ And I’m like, that’s the worst situation, I actually can imagine it.”

Vanessa Bee: “He’s got spicy tastes in pets and women, and sometimes…”

Brianna Rennix: “It reminds me of that part, you know in Little Women, where like Jo’s little sister burns her script? You never come back from that, right?”

ON: “That was a huge overreaction.”

VB: “If someone burnt my manuscript, and we still lived in a paper world? It’s their only copy!”

BR: “He never speaks to that person again. They wouldn’t be likely to live.”

With the exception of Oren Nimni, who requires some thoughtful self-reflection, these true leftist writers show how, even with a recognition that ant stings are painful to humans, ants deserve love and care. We applaud Current Affairs for promoting a more formicid future. To subscribe to this noble and progressive media outlet, go here. To donate to a rare, ant-friendly human news source, go here.

See here for the full video (the ant tale begins mid-story right at 00:00):


UPDATE [May 4th, 10:22am]: Lyta Gold has weighed in with her response to our article. Needless to say, she has remained consistant with her principles:

She also shared a link from Reddit that details the full story! Check it out here.