Justin Brierley is host of the “Unbelievable?” programme on the British Premier Christian Radio station. The programme covers matters of faith, often including discussions on the interaction between faith and science. Now, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with ants?

Recently, Fraternal Correspondant and well-known pseudoscientific philosopher Joshua Blanchard reached out to Brierley on Twitter, and our editor-in-chief utilized the opportunity to pop the question:

Brierley agreed, and we are happy to report that today, he kept true to his word. Listen below to an expert from Saturday’s show:

Although The Daily Ant does not necessarily endorse the views of some guests on “Unbelievable?”, we appreciate and respect Brierley’s endeavour. Above all else, we fully endorse these words on ants, and hope that humanity may emulate the ways of the ant to resourcefully solve the world’s deepest problems.