The Colony

The Daily Ant, as the world’s first media project committed to promoting ant-friendly news, would not be possible without the dedication and labor of our correspondants and regular staff. We owe a myrmecological debt of gratitude to contributors of the past, present, and future!


Benjamin BlanchardEditor-in-Chief


Kathryn Pogin: Style Saturdays Fashionantsa, and Executive Producer of Philosophy Phridays


Abhishek Bhattacharyya: Cultural Correspondant (here)

Joshua Blanchard: Executive Producer of Philosophy Fridays, and Fraternal Correspondant (here, here, here, here)

Anna CoxPedagogical Correspondant (here)

Matthew HernandezComic Correspondant (here, here, here)

Trish KahleLabor Correspondant (here)

Derek Langston: Film Correspondant (here, here)

Lauren Leydon-Hardy: Executive Producer of Philosophy Phridays (here)

Joel Mercado-Díaz: Lichen Correspondant (here)

Matt NelsenSymbiotic Correspondant (here)

Natalia Piland: Field Correspondant (Perú), and Public Relations Consultant (here)

Ciara ReyesCoffee Correspondant (here)

Ana RitaField Correspondant (China) (here)

Katerina Theodossiou: Tube Correspondant (here, here, here)

Dr. Max Winston: Beat Correspondant (here)

… and our many readers who occasionally bring exciting formicid stories to our attention!