The Colony

The Daily Ant, as the world’s first media project committed to promoting ant-friendly news, would not be possible without the dedication and labor of our correspondants and regular staff. We owe a myrmecological debt of gratitude to contributors of the past, present, and future!


Benjamin BlanchardEditor-in-Chief


Kathryn Pogin: Style Saturdays Fashionantsa, and Executive Producer of Philosophy Phridays

Joshua Blanchard: Executive Producer of Philosophy Fridays, and Fraternal Correspondant (e.g. here)

Lauren Leydon-Hardy: Executive Producer of Philosophy Phridays

Natalia Piland: Public Relations Consultant, Verse Correspondant (here), and Field Correspondant (e.g. here)

Boshua J’lanchard: Op-Ed Contributor (e.g. here)


Derek Langston: Theatre Thursdays Film Critic


Jason BatesWorker Correspondant (e.g. here)

Abhishek Bhattacharyya: Cultural Correspondant (e.g. here)

Andrew BurkhardtCelestial Correspondant (e.g. here)

Anna CoxPedagogical Correspondant (e.g. here)

Nathan DalyCoding Correspondant (e.g. here)

Dr. Regan DunnFossil Correspondant (e.g. here)

Matt HernandezComic Correspondant (e.g. here)

Trish KahleLabor Correspondant (e.g. here)

Pitoon KongnooThailand Correspondant (e.g. here)

Rose LangstonFashion Correspondant (e.g. here)

Jordan MacKenzieThinker Correspondant (e.g. here)

Joel Mercado-Díaz: Lichen Correspondant (e.g. here)

Matt NelsenSymbiotic Correspondant (e.g. here)

Ciara ReyesCoffee Correspondant (e.g. here)

Ana RitaField Correspondant (China) (e.g. here)

Katerina Pollard: Tube Correspondant (e.g. here)

John TurnerYouTube Correspondant (e.g. here)

Dr. Max Winston: Beat Correspondant (e.g. here)

… and our many readers who occasionally bring exciting formicid stories to our attention!