Philosophy Phridays

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Philosopher Affiliation(s) Date Title
Eli Hirsch Brandeis University 02/24/2017 “Ants and Uncles“
Larisa Svirsky University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC) 03/03/2017 “The Hypocrantic Oath“
Ram Neta UNC 03/10/2017 “Video Interview with Ram Neta“
Cheryl Abbate University of Colorado 03/17/2017 “Consider the Ant“
Barry Lam Vassar College & Duke University 03/24/2017 “The Ant Farm“
Keshav Singh UNC 03/31/2017 “Do Ants Do Things for Reasons?“
Miriam Schoenfield University of Texas at Austin 04/07/2017 “Ants in Your Pants“
Ben Roth Harvard College (Writing Program) 04/14/2017 “Concerning Wittgenstein’s 284th Philosophical Investigation“
Richard Polt Xavier University 04/21/2017 “On Formiciform Virtue: Plato’s Ants“
Kathryn Pogin Northwestern University 04/28/2017 “Ants and Women: A Reflection on Understanding“
David Detmer Purdue University Northwest 05/05/2017 “Giraffes are Taller than Ants, and Other Observations“
Kevin Lande UCLA 05/12/2017 “O Ant, Where Art Thou?“
David Schwartz Randolph College 05/19/2017 “Human Nature, Ethics, and Ants“
Amber Carlson Vanderbilt University 05/26/2017 “She’s a Man(t)eater“
Mike Rea University of Notre Dame & University of St. Andrews 06/02/2017 “Ants and the Hiddenness of God“
Dustin Crummett University of Notre Dame 06/09/2017 “Ants and the Problem of Evil“
Margaret Cavendish Duchess of Newcastle (17th Century) 06/16/2017 “Of the Ant“
Curtis Franks University of Notre Dame 06/23/2017 “Towards a ‘Pataphysics of Anthills“
Lorraine Keller Niagara University & University of Notre Dame 06/30/2017 “Ants Doing Math and Kids Doing Linguistics?“
Eddy Chen & Isaac Wilhelm Rutgers University 07/07/2017 “From Ants to Quantum Non-Locality“
Lauren Ashwell Bates College 07/14/2017 “Dispositions and Ant-idotes“
Chris Blake-Turner UNC 07/21/2017 “Trantsformative Experience”
Michael Ruse Florida State University 07/28/2017 “All About Ants”
Suzanne Kawamleh Indiana University-Bloomington 08/04/2017 “Ants and NGOs”
Gabriel Richardson Lear University of Chicago 08/11/2017 “Myrmecology as a Humanistic Discipline”
Sameer Yadav Westmont College 08/18/2017 “Anthropocentrism: A Problem for Neuroethology and Philosophical Theology”
Ryan Kemp Wheaton College 08/25/2017 “The Existential Upshot of Crazy Ants”
Marc Lange UNC 09/01/2017 “Ant Are Alive”
Samantha Noll Washington State University 09/08/2017 “Ant Philosophies of Farming”
Kevin Timpe Calvin College 09/15/2017 “The Fecundity of Ants and the Goodness of Existing”
Anne Pollok University of South Carolina 09/22/2017 “Antropology”
Kieran Setiya Massachusetts Institute Technology 09/29/2017 “Ant-I-Intellectualism”
Rivka Weinberg Scripps College 10/06/2017 “Video Interview with Rivka Weinberg”
Kenny Easwaran Texas A&M University 10/13/2017 “Mutualistic Anteractions”
Meg Wallace University of Kentucky 10/20/2017 “Antological Disagreement”
Eric Schwitzgebel University of California – Riverside 10/27/2017 “Antarean Antheads”
Ross Cameron University of Virginia 11/03/2017 “Ants in Time”
Liam Kofi Bright Carnegie Mellon University 11/10/2017 “The Value Free Ideal for Scieants”
Joshua Blanchard UNC 11/17/2017 “Metaethical Implications of Myrmecology”
Amber Leigh Griffioen University of Konstanz 11/24/2017 “Asshoppers and Grants – Playing at Being Human?”
Sukaina Hirji Virginia Tech 12/01/2017 “Political Antimals”
David Faraci Georgetown University 12/08/2017 “If There’s a Number of Real Ants, Is There a Real Number of Ants?”
Branden Fitelson Northeastern University 12/15/2017 “Video Interview with Branden Fitelson”
Will Fleisher Rutgers University 12/22/2017 “Ruining Picnics with Epistemology”
Kelle Dhein Arizona State University 12/27/2017 “How Ants Can Help Solve the Mystery of Intentionality”
Carolina Flores Rutgers University 01/05/2018 “Propositional Anttitudes and Social Coordination”
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò UCLA 01/12/2018 “Antílcar Cabral: National Liberation and Soil Culture”
Jay Odenbaugh Lewis and Clark College 01/26/2018 “The Sociobiological Misadventures of Ants”
Jack Samuel University of Pittsburgh 02/02/2018 “Unity and Antnihilation”
Helen De Cruz Oxford Brookes University 03/16/2018 “The Puzzle of Inter-Group Cooperation: What Ants Can Tell Us, and What it Means for Brexit and Trade Wars”
Helena de Bres Wellesley College 03/23/2018 “The Ants Who Prefer Not To”
Madeline Eller Georgetown University 04/13/2018 “The Formicid Mystique: Embodied Social Norms and Common Sense”
Gretchen Ellefson Northwestern University 04/27/2018 “What Do (Ant) Emojis Mean?”
Daniel Singer University of Pennsylvania 06/22/2018 “To Understand Ant Communication, We Can’t Forget What Ants Forget”
Danny Weltman Ashoka University 06/29/2018 “Personal Identity and Personal Idantity”
Audrey Yap University of Victoria 07/06/2018 “Speech Acts and Unspeakable Ants”
Benjamin Blanchard University of Chicago 07/13/2018 “Northwestern Prison Education Program”
Craig Agule Rutgers University – Camden 07/20/2018 “On Blaming Ants”
Andrew Moon Virginia Commonwealth University 07/27/2018 “Do Ants Doubt?”
Julia Driver Washington University in St. Louis 09/07/2018 “The Parable of the Ants”
Nathan Eckstrand Fort Hays State University 11/30/2018 “Supercolonies and Overcoming Self-Other Aggression”
Carrie Jenkins University of British Columbia 01/11/2019 “Twenty Million Sisters”
Stephen White Northwestern University 01/18/2019 “‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and the Politics of Insect Responsibility”
Briana Toole Baruch College, CUNY 01/25/2019 “To Follow Blindly – Army Ants and Echo Chambers”
Luke Roelofs Ruhr-University Bochum 02/22/2019 “Anty-Nesting and Anty-Combination”
Eric Wiland University of Missouri – St. Louis 08/09/2019 “Colonies and the Common Weal”
Vida Yao Rice University 08/16/2019 “Video Interview with Vida Yao”
Jeff Sebo New York University 08/30/2019 “Video Interview with Jeff Sebo”