Style Saturday: Ants on a Tie

The Daily Ant is excited to announce a new series: Style Saturdays! The post below is by our Fashion Correspondant Kathryn Pogin, who is also an Executive Producer of our popular Philosophy Phridays series. Enjoy!

As you’ve probably already noticed, whenever you wear your favorite formicid-themed apparel, there’s a fine line between achieving that simultaneously chic yet quirky look that every myrmecologist desires, and a look that tells people, no, they really don’t want to take you up on that offer to see the insect collection you keep in the basement. But just because that line is fine, it doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult to navigate. Ant-wear can be casual and cool, or suave and sophisticated. By way of demonstration, today we’re looking at how to incorporate some fash-ant-able details into your wardrobe.

This look pairs a suit jacket (yes, I said suit jacket, not sport coat! Though, of course, you can go with a sport coat instead) with a white shirt, dark, slim cut, denim, and classic white Adidas with metallic detailing. The polished yet unconventional ensemble helps pull together a cohesive aesthetic that the tie and the cufflinks will complement rather than overwhelm. (If you’re worried about wearing cufflinks with denim, remember, they have ants on them — you’re already breaking traditional fashion rules, and that’s a good thing.)

If you want to be a little more dressed up, a little more daring (and on trend for 2017), stick with a white sneaker instead of a classic dress shoe even if you swap out denim for a full suit (you can pick this one up, here). Athletic footwear paired with suiting is an easier look to pull off than you might think, especially for spring. The trick for making it work is balance — easier with a modern cut (slim and deconstructed) and the right fabric, but sometimes it might mean loosening your tie, or experimenting with different sneakers (e.g., don’t pair converse with heavy wool!).

Adidas sneaker
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Armani Jeans mens slim jeans
$175 –

Ants on neck tie

*Jeremy Heber Jewellery generously gave The Daily Ant a discount to promote these excellent cufflinks in our Style Saturday Series