Style Saturday: Play on Fire Ants

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly ant fashion series, Style Saturdays. This fourth installment is by our Fashion Correspondant Kathryn Pogin, who is also an Executive Producer of our popular Philosophy Phridays series. Enjoy!

Style Saturdays took a brief hiatus last week for the March for Science (it made me think, maybe I should dedicate a future entry to protest-wear; you really don’t need to sacrifice style or comfort to be part of the Resist-ants!), but we’re back this week and fired up about a look inspired by fire ants. So, sit back, put on some tunes, make yourself a cocktail if you’re so inclined, and let’s talk formicid-fashion.

Speaking of fire, Lil’ Kim’s not the only one who can rock a peep-toe boot – and in fact, if anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, remember the Queen herself would say, “Take a deep breath and say it loud, never can, never will, can’t hold us down“! (But seriously, peep-toe booties are trending, and it’s a beautiful thing). This week’s look features a gorgeous boot by Maison Margiela. I’m pairing it with a moto-jacket by IRO from Intermix to bring a bit of a balancing edge to a feminine (and myrmecologically-themed) skirt. Grey Ant sunglasses top off the look for an overall cool, yet sophisticated aesthetic. A little bit of extra accessorizing (say, with this phone cover) wouldn’t be remiss, but also really isn’t necessary.

It’s a great look whether you’d like something dressed up without being formal, or just appropriate couture for pondering the social complexity of gender relations — human, or ant.

Play on fire ants

IRO cropped jacket

Grey ant sunglasses

Patterned skirt