Style Saturday Sunday Monday Memorial Day Edition: Picnic Perfect Ant-cessories

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly ant fashion series, Style Saturdays. This eighth installment is by our Fashion Correspondant Kathryn Pogin, who is also an Executive Producer of our popular Philosophy Phridays series. Enjoy!

In these trying times, hosting a Memorial Day picnic when you could be planning a day of action is flirting with gaucheness (of course, just like wearing white after labor day, there are always exceptions) — but if you’re going to a celebration rather than a resistants meeting, you might as well show up in style. If you’re not sure how to look sophisticated eating your food while sitting on the ground, a little formicid fashion might be just the thing (and what could be better suited to the great outdoors?). This week, we’re looking at a picnic-ready ensemble with fabulous antcessories.

This gingham-top says, “I love picnics, but not so much that I want to look like I’m picnicking on my way to the Emerald City“. Balance your gingham out with a denim skirt in a streamlined pencil cut and distressed finish. A pair of wedges give you a little height but are practical for walking pretty much anywhere. And since no picnic is complete without ants, top this look off with a beautiful pair of earrings that are feminine and formicid-themed, creative rings that show ants hard at work, and a tote for carrying extra food (or protest signs, just in case).

Picnic Perfect Ant-cessories

Chicwish wrap shirt

IRO mini skirt

Tech accessory

I Ant Picnics Tote Bag

Band jewelry