Style Saturday: Marvel-ous Ants

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly ant fashion series, Style Saturdays. This ninth installment is by our Fashion Correspondant Kathryn Pogin, who is also an Executive Producer of our popular Philosophy Phridays series. Enjoy!

If you love matriarchal societies, taller-than-average Amazonians, or general badassery, you’re certainly already a fan of Dinoponera — but you might enjoy Wonder Woman, too. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t seem to contain any ants, but it’s a bit implausible there was no myremcological inspiration involved (like, really, DC?). Anyway, as long as we’re all geeking out and in the comic book mood, I thought this week would be a good time to take a look back to the wonderously-gripping Ant-Man for a bit of fashion-fancy (especially since here at The Daily Ant we have our own Ant-Man).

Pair your Marvel-ous ant wear with vintage denim, fantsy accessories, and flip-flops in a throw-back comic print. The DC folks might not love your Marvel wear, but we don’t love their failure to cite Dinoponera, so we’ll call it even!

Marvel-ous Ants


Levi’s levi jeans

Retro shoes

Marvel mens t shirt

Ant Man Retro