Style Saturday: Florals and Ants

In case you’ve been living in an abandoned ant colony and missed it — floral patterned fabrics are on trend for 2017. Everyone, from Dries Van Noten to the ants in your garden, has their own take on the look. Unsurprisingly, here at The Daily Ant, our take puts a formicid-friendly spin on the trend, for ultra-cool, funky, feminine style. Florals and ants? That’s a match so perfect, it might as well have been made in a lab.

A floral print tank functions as the base of this look — the blues and purples coordinate with turquoise sandals and a peony (and ant!) print phone case. Note: coordinating is not the same as matching, and that’s okay. You want the different elements of your look to blend, but they don’t need to come together like a bunch of drones to work. Myrmecologically-themed jewelry lets you wear something that sparkles without feeling like a pupa. Without that balance, jewelry on top of florals can be overwhelming. Formicid fashion is in bloom!

Florals and Ants


Oasis floral top
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MANGO ripped skinny jeans
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