Seagulls Tripping on Ant Acid

According to a 2016 report in The Huffington Post, when winged ants (males and reproductive females) emerge for their nuptial flights, the seagulls go wild. Or, rather, they trip out on the ants’ formic acid.

Image: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

As reported in HuffPo:

“Dr. Rebecca Nesbit of the Society of Biology says the ants contain formic acid, which can cause gulls to appear “drunk” and lose their inhibitions after eating them.”

The real story here is that the seagulls ought to learn their lesson. Humans, too, ought to read this story and realize that ants, while often delicious, should, as a rule, be seen but not eaten. Of course the vertebrate media has its own agenda, and thus the HuffPo headline reads “Seagulls ‘Drunk’ From Eating Flying Ants May Pose A Danger To Humans”. Well, they may huff and they may puff, yet no human media outlet will deceive diligant readers into believing that ants are the problem here.

We appreciate Worker Correpondant Jason Bates sending us this article!