The A.N.T.S. of Wyoming

Nontraditional college students – for example, those that begin college at a later age compared to many recent high school graduates – may sometimes feel isolated from their general college community. But at Western Wyoming Community College, nontraditional students banded together to form a club. This club, of course, is called the Association for Non-Traditional Students (A.N.T.S.).

As reported in The Casper Star Tribune, the ant is a perfect eponym for these students:

Nontraditional students, like ants, are more numerous than they may initially appear. The motto [‘For every one you see there’s ten you don’t.’] is designed to encourage those returning to college and let them know they are not alone.

According to the Tribune, the A.N.T.S. are like their insect counterparts in other key ways. In particular, club members:

  • bear great loads due to preexisting life commitments
  • prioritize helping the entire community
  • encourage and support one another, including with child care


It is exciting to see the ways of the ant applied to such a noble cause!