Philosophy Phriday: Video Interview with Ram Neta

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly series, Philosophy Phridays, in which real philosophers share their thoughts at the intersection of ants and philosophy. This interview with Dr. Ram Neta is the third contribution in the series.

On Tuesday, Dr. Ram Neta sat down with The Daily Ant to discuss ants, rationality, and more – Enjoy!

RamNetaDr. Ram Neta is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He specializes in epistemology and rationality, and has published many manuscripts on these subjects. For another YouTube video featuring Dr. Neta and rationality, click here.

8 thoughts on “Philosophy Phriday: Video Interview with Ram Neta

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  1. I just shared with my co-workers the concept of oral-anal trophallaxis. I think we are all a little more glad to be humans today.


  2. Dr. Neta’s insight into the Zhuangzi quote suggested to me that saints do not impose themselves or their ideas on others, and, in fact, they empower those who might otherwise be seen as inferior. Don’t put others down, lift them up.

    Also, can ant brains be studied beyond external morphology? Can insect MRI’s, fMRI’s, or other tests be run to track blood flow under different conditions? If the brains are too small to be tested with modern technology, could we use Ant Man’s shrinking technology to fix this problem?


    1. Very interesting question – it’s actually possible to do some level of ant brain dissection, and I’m sure one could do it while the ant is still alive? Also using a photon imaging thingamajig (like at Argonne National Laboratory), you can taking really cool micro videos of internal movements in things like insects – maybe that could work for brain blood flow? If not, maybe I can try to get an NSF grant to develop Ant Man’s shrinking technology.


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