Adrian Smith Talks Ant Babies

On Monday, a neat new study was published in Myrmecological News. This study, by Dr. Eduardo Gonçalves Paterson Fox and colleagues, tracked the development of trap-jaw ants and produced some sweet SEM images of the ant babies.

One of the authors, Dr. Adrian Smith, also produced a nice video where he explains this study to teenagers. Enjoy!

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    1. You know, I don’t think so! Studies of males in ant species are notoriously difficult, given that males are often produced only during a specific time of year for the nuptial flight (mating event with potential queens). You may have observed this yourself when your house is invaded by “flying ants” for about a day or two.


      1. Ho-lee topical reply! We literally just had an infestation of flying ants! So those are males? Also, i was in panic mode and going to call an exterminator, but they seem to have left. So that is really a thing?


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