Special Edition: Spiders and Space

This week was an odd one. It featured Theatre Thursday on Wednesday, Philosophy Phriday on Thursday, and an endorsement of ants by a key public defender of James Comey the same week the latter testified before Congress (oh, and that was weird too). So, we’ve decided to continute the oddity with a special edition post featuring a NON-ANT ARTHROPOD! In particular: spiders.

The Daily Ant typically maintains a #twolegstoomany policy in relation to spiders, but we nevertheless respect the creatures, and we can admit when arachnids amaze. Recently, Celestial Correspondant Andrew Burkhardt shared with us two spider stories that are out of this world.

The first is a story about how spider eyes are like Galilean telescopes, and thus are likely able to resolve the moon in the night sky. Check it out!

The second is live documentation by Correspondant Burkhardt of a spider that’s been in space. This spider is now housed in the Air and Space Museum, after a stint on the Skylab space station participating in an experiment on whether or not spiders can spin webs in zero gravity. Even though ants have also been to space, this space spider is pretty cool!

A space spider. Photo: Andrew Burkhardt