Formicid Form: Poem in Haiku Poetry

The Daily Ant maintains “Formicid Form”, a Sunday ant poetry series. When possible, our Verse Correspondant, Natalia Piland, provides a short commentary at the end of each poem. Enjoy!

Poem in Haiku Poetry (1968)

By J.W. Hackett

The ants on this cloth

are even carrying off

their own casualties.


Now vigorously

shaking the kitten’s paw—

an adventurous ant.


Hardy ant, even

heavily burdened you climb

this sheer garden wall.


The ant stepped on

by a paw of the slinking cat,

just scampers away.


An applecore, just

short of the sea’s surging wash:

caravaning ants.

Verse Correspondant Natalia Piland writes: “Walking Luc, we came across an applecore rampaged by ants. What can I say other than I wish we were just short of the sea’s surging wash?”