Where Will You Be This February?

When we decided to reemerge this week after two long, silent years, it turns out that we chose an especially auspicious season. Evidence of our fortune first presented itself via this tweet from the most influential cinematic account on Twitter:

Is it a coincidence that this tweet was tweeted on Monday, the very day we resumed posting? We defer to the considered judgement of our dedicated readers.

Because ant hips petioles don’t lie, the very next day, that which was promised was made manifest. Behold, the trailer for the THIRD installment of the Ant-Man series:

Now, like you, we are a little disappointed at the perplexing absence of ants (AKA absants) in the trailer. You can’t spell “Quantumania” without spelling “ant”. Please note, however, that the filmmakers did wisely release an alternative version tailor-made for ants. So we can’t complain too much.

The only question now is: Where will you be on February 17, 2023? Emoji reacts only.