The Netflix show Queer Eye, a reboot of the popular Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, has been met with generally favorable reviews by critics and viewers alike. Thanks to Tube Correspondant Katerina Theodossiou, we now know the reason why, and it’s found in Season 1, Episode 5 (“Camp Rules“). In this episode, the Fab Five give Bobby Camp, a “devoutly Christian father of six”, a makeover. During the all-important scene, Jonathan Van Ness chats with Camp about his morning routine:

The Daily Ant maintains “Formicid Form”, a Sunday ant poetry series. When possible, our Verse Correspondant, Natalia Piland, provides a short commentary at the end of each poem. Enjoy!

El Hormiguero (2010)

Song by Calle 13, English translation here

The ants have arrived here,
We are conquering enemy territories,
Invisible, silent, and simultaneous,
The entire invasion is subterraneous.

Committed readers will remember fondly our coverage of Anty Gin, the Beer Ants Gel Habitat, Funky Fresh ant beer brewer Dailey Crafton, and an antspired cocktail from Singapore. Well, we have another exciting libation to share with you!

Our editor-in-chief is currently in southern China for an investigative journalism project on Polyrhachis spiny ants. But he also recently found a treasure: 黑蚂蚁养生酒.