Crumbs, Hegel, Nails, Rituals, Drama, Bridges, and Self-Sacrifice

We’ve once again fallen rather silent for over two weeks, yet throughout the past month or so, our devoted readership has sent us a steady supply of premier ant content. Below, we present you a list of seven interesting items we almost allowed you to miss!

  1. Some food for thought – crumbs, to be exact – discovered by reader Olivia Geiger.
  2. Reader Warren Paul Wilson writes that “There is an ant crawling on page 21 of the Lib Gen scan of Hegel’s Philosophical Propadeutic.” See the ant for yourself!
  3. A new fashion style: live ants in your nails! Don’t believe us? Check out this exciting video that Verse Correspondant and PR Consultant Natalia Piland shared with us.
  4. A “bizarre video” allegedly showing “ants performing a strange ritual around a dead bee“, but see the myrmecologists quoted in the article for more likely theories. Thanks, reader Ana Rita!
  5. Reader Natalie Hannah reminds us that sometimes you just gotta create a little ant drama.
  6. Film Critic Derek Langston sent along what reports to be an ant bridge built to attack a wasp nest, but is almost certainly a manipulated work of art. Still beautiful!
  7. A new study on self-sacrificing ants took the media by storm several months ago, but if you missed this great National Geographic clip on the findings, check it out now. Our deepest gratitude to reader Mike Gee for reminding us about this research!