Dispatch From Peru: Ant Butts

On Thursday, Field Correspondant Natalia Piland, who is currently undercover as an evolutionary biologist studying birds in Peru, provided The Daily Ant with crucial insight into local ant-human relations. Piland found a beautiful specimen of an ant (beautiful as all ants are beautiful):


What is this? It is a leaf-cutter ant queen! But what is most interesting is the additional information shared by our trusty Field Correspondant: Piland notes that the local name for this ant is “siqisapa”, which “comes from the quechua ‘big butt’ (siqi = butt, sapa = big)”. And, she adds, “people also fry the butts and eat them.”

With such big butt ant delicacies, Peru must be a top destination for any traveller or migrant intent on appreciating ants to the fullest extent they deserve.