Brewsday Tuesday: Beer Ants Gel Habitat

Last Tuesday, we shared an interview with Brooklyn craft beer brewer Dailey Crafton, and many Tuesdays ago, we highlighted a Singapore bar that serves a special drink with ants. Thus, we have decided to launch an occasional series on the intersection of alcohol and ants, Brewsday Tuesday. Today, we have a special product advertised on Amazon: A gel ant farm habitat in the shape of a glass full of beer.


If beer and ants are your things, this is a must-have item!

Note: Fraternal Correspondant Joshua Blanchard and Film Correspondant Derek Langston contributed to this story.

9 thoughts on “Brewsday Tuesday: Beer Ants Gel Habitat

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  1. Any evidence that ants consume alcohol? Such as with fermented foods? Has anyone ever studied the effect of alcohol on ant behavior?


    1. Effects possibly being an increased likelihood to participate in Lacrosse, fill out March madness brackets, and participate in generally bro-ish behavior.


      1. Derek Langston writes,

        “Has anyone ever studied the effect of alcohol on ant behavior?”

        If the answer is “no,” then I have a follow-up: how do myrmecologists still get funded?


  2. From “the literature”: Ant collectors have a number of choices available for killing,
    preserving, and storing specimens. Immersion in some type
    of alcohol has long been the most commonly used method… J.R. King and S. D. Porter


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