Style Saturday: F-ant-astic Basics

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly ant fashion series, Style Saturdays. This seventh installment is by our Fashion Correspondant Kathryn Pogin, who is also an Executive Producer of our popular Philosophy Phridays series. Enjoy!

If you want a look that’s classic and casual without going so far as blending in with the drapery, today’s Style Saturday is just the thing. The foundation of any good wardrobe is a set of fantastic basics — the pieces that last you from season to season, can be paired in a variety of ways, and work with accoutremants or stand on their own. After all, there’s no need to resort to accessorizing with (er, sorry, among) shrubbery when you can wear a look with its own integrity. So, set your antennae to colony-cool, and look for fashion (formicid or otherwise) that’s got the kind of character that will stand the test of time.

Case in point, an over-sized sweatshirt in quality fabric with clean lines has been in style at least since Flashdance. Relaxed fit jeans (here, in an updated cut) are a well-tested stand-by (it’s the kind of thing that lives in your closet as long as a queen can rule her colony). Pull the whole look together with classic shades, a fun phone cover, and comfortable shoes, keeping you light on your feet in case you need to a dodge a dreaded hug, while still communicating your love of all things myrmecology. If you’re so inclined, a red lip to top it off is always in style, too.

F-ant-astic Basics

Frame cut off jeans
$270 –

Slip on shoes

Iphone case

Prada sunglasses
$340 –

Oversized top