Style Saturday: Lazy Sa(n)turday

If you’re looking for colony-quality cozy — the perfect ensemble for the comfort-loving myrmecologist, who does’t really want to dress like a comfort-loving myrmecologist — today’s post is for you. If you’re not out in the field, and you don’t need to be in the lab, what more could you want than to curl up in style on the couch with the latest from The Daily Ant and a hot cup of coffee? Maybe a cup of chai instead, if you’re our antrepid editor in chief, but pretty much nothing if you’re a Phildris nagasau. With that in mind, here’s how to look cool when you’re being lazy.

Zella leggings give you quality and comfort. They work hard (like ants, and unlike me today), so they don’t lose their shape and the color doesn’t easily fade — key to keeping lounge-wear colony-cool. These have a small pocket in the waistband, so if you decide to be a bit more antdustrious and, say, go for a run later, they’re also convenient (no one likes to hold on to their keys). But if leggings aren’t your thing, Uniqlo joggers are a laissez-fashion win (though in cooler weather, the more substantial classic sweats from American Giant are a lounging luxury). Whatever your preferred tranquility-time trouser, a Pym Technologies hoodie, ant-print socks, and a faux-fur throw come together to help you relax in colony-cozy couture. Pour a hot cup of Kona coffee in a myrmecological mug, and you’re ready for a laid-back, but stylish, Saturday.

Lazy S-ant-urday


Hooded pullover

Zella clothing