BTS and the “Ants”

Fans of K-Pop will recognize this group of young men as the world-famous South Korean band “BTS”:

Image credit: Cindy Ord/WireImage

Fans of ants will wonder what BTS has to do with ants.

It turns out that the boy band’s music label is Big Hit Entertainment, which is going public in a much-anticipated IPO next month. As explained in a Japan Today article published on Saturday, the South Korean investor market is flush with cash as a result of government intervention amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The army of retail investors that emerged to spend this cash are known locally as “Ants”!

The Japan Today article reports that some (presumably wealthy) BTS fans are looking to compete with the Ants for shares in the newly public company, in order to add to their BTS “memorabilia”. If these Ants are anything like their counterparts in nature, the BTS fans are sure to have their work cut out for them.