Anime Clip: From Ants to Atrocity

Our Film Critic Derek Langston shared with us a jarring though realistic anime clip posted to Facebook two years ago, on the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It opens with ants and then… progresses from there. The excerpt is not for the faint of heart, although we believe that it is critical for humans to forefront in their minds the true horror of war.

[CONTENT WARNING: Gruesome war imagery]

[UPDATE: Film Critic Langston says he believes the clip is from the 1983 film Barefoot Gen]

Philosophy Phriday: Northwestern Prison Education Program

The Daily Ant hosts a weekly series, Philosophy Phridays, in which real philosophers share their thoughts at the intersection of ants and philosophy. This is the fifty-seventh contribution in the series, submitted by our editor-in-chief, Benjamin Blanchard.

Northwestern Prison Education Program

The ant content in this (Saturday!) post is far less than usual for the series, but the natural affinity between social insects and social justice warrants little explanation. Plus, as soon as I heard about program that serves as the topic for this post, I became increasingly antsy to feature it in the Philosophy Phriday series. What is the program you may ask? None other than that stated in the title: The Northwestern Prison Education Program (NPEP).

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TEDx Talk by High Schoolers from “Antsylvania”

Last November, then-high school senior Akshay Kulkarni reached out to The Daily Ant to share his love of ants with us. During our email exchange, Akshay referenced his ant adoption website, Antsylvania, and let us know about an invited TEDx talk he did with his brother, Akhil, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Well, now you’re probably wondering, “Where can I appreciate said TEDx talk?” Right here, of course:

Needless to say, Akshay and Akhil Kulkarni are myrmecological inspirations for us all!

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