Brewsday Tuesday: 黑蚂蚁养生酒 (Black Ant Health Alcohol)

Committed readers will remember fondly our coverage of Anty Gin, the Beer Ants Gel Habitat, Funky Fresh ant beer brewer Dailey Crafton, and an antspired cocktail from Singapore. Well, we have another exciting libation to share with you!

Our editor-in-chief is currently in southern China for an investigative journalism project on Polyrhachis spiny ants. But he also recently found a treasure: 黑蚂蚁养生酒.


The name of this 64-proof liquor translates literally to “black ant health alcohol”, and it appears to be marketed as a type of health drink. The ingredient list is below, with our best translation using our in-house Mandarin translator as well as the publicly-available resources Google Translate and Wikipedia:


Main Ingredients: Rice alcohol, black ants, cobra, banded krait, many-banded krait, tokay gecko, milkvetch, ginseng, longan fruit [likely lychee], wolfberry

We anticipate a follow-up to this article that will feature a video-recorded tasting of this exciting health beverage. Stay tuned!